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Hey guys, till this day I am so happy to have you all commenting on my blog. You are the ones who make my first attempt of blogging a great success. Today is the last day of the semester with the capacity building, Blog shop, which is guided by our great teacher, Ms. Amy. We, all together about 13 students, started blogging on last February. Now we have friends, blog mates and visitors from several spots of the world. In the first few weeks, it was really difficult to deal with this program. But at the moment I feel sorry for ending up this blog. I promise you that I’ll start another blog as soon as possible may be with another social or regional issue.   

                               thank you !


How about Purdah?

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                             I always wonder about the “purdah” used by Muslims. When my grandmother came from Musket, she showed us photos where I found girls wearing purdah, for the first time. At that time, she told me that they had a belief that the long cloth of purdah (veil or hijab) that follows their legs will rub their traces from the floor. I do not know how credible it is. But I remember one thing that when my friends came to know that I was going to go to Bangladesh, they told me to take purdah and go. However, the scene is little different here although people argue about the purdah system in Bangladesh. Since it is a Muslim country, people always try to obey their religious dogmas. Rarely, I have seen in my building Bangladeshis wearing purdahs. It is true that they wear a cloth over their heads but not fully covered. Besides the culture it is the influence of religious believes also. This is almost the scene in Afghanistan after the intervention of Taliban and does in Pakistan too. I do not argue against the way our friends hang over wearing shalwar and jeans but not purdah. It is because of the obvious hot temperature in Bangladesh. I am wondering how these people can include this outfit as a traditional costume in this unbearable climatic condition.

Influence of West over East

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              There is a controversy going on about the influence of western culture on Bollywood. According to the western culture, the outfit does not have anything to do with our social lives. But in the eastern countries it is different since we believe that our outfit reflects our personality. And maybe that’s why it becomes a controversial issue among the public. The main problem that people mention is the lack of proper dress which resembles the losing culture, but what about Westerners? Especially in the U.S, what is the traditional dress? In the earlier times, whenever I thought of Americans, I had the image of tourists who lay down at the beaches of Kovalam, Kerala for sunbath. Now I realize that most of the things that I am wearing have their birthplaces in America and other Western Countries. Wearing Jeans and top, frock, short skirt and blouse, gown and all are included in their culture. What is the main change that happens in our tradition while imitating them by wearing those stuffs? When there is cold season, they wear suit and coat. But this takes off make us to wear it at times we need (even in hot climate). Blind mimic lead us to forget the rational thinking over our deeds. However, we have to look and compare the changes in dressing styles in Eastern Countries and Western Countries for the past ten years. The result of this study will surely show how far we, people, have come across in the clothing style.


Do we misintrepret Inconsistency as Divine?

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 Here I am going to post a story that I have submitted to ‘BBC’s ‘Your Story’.

             Rajasthan, the biggest state in India in terms of area, with Jaipur as its capital keeps it’s head up in the long list of temples, mountain ranges, and hill stations. When we heard of Rajasthan, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Thar desert in Rajastan that holds the position of the biggest desert in India. But what about the security system in that state? Besides the ranks as Governer,Chief Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Chief Secretary, what about the local ranked people. Are they actually showing responsibility for the secure lives of the citizens? Do they have the same commitment and dedication to their status and the works they are doing? I have a genuine cause to ask these.

       I studied in a Central School which is governed by the Central Government of India. From that residential schedule, even the teachers and the nurse are not allowed to stay away from the school. However, like in other schools, teachers and nurse in our school also have to transfer from the institution after around ten years. Thus, one of my friends also has to move from the place to ‘Devanagari’ (Rajasthan) otherwise called  “divine city” since her mother was the staff nurse of the institution. When she was staying there, she was only five years old and studying in an elementary school in Rajasthan. The incident happened to her junior who was studying in the same school in kindergarten. One morning, while this girl was on her way to school, a stranger came and kidnaped her. The next day, the news went like this that a girl is found near the village pierced and cut into pieces. And what did the people or the responsible ones do? Noone had an idea about it because usually police took no actions for such crimes although they filed these cases. Also, this was not an unique event in that area. Day by day people loose the courage to walk around. They could probably able to see police and administrators on August 15th and January 26th {otherwise named as Independence Day and Republic Day of India respectively}.

           I can still remember the dreadfulness in my friend’s eyes when she finished saying this event. The time this took place, she was just in first standard and was totally terrified of going out because most of the time she had to go to school alone. I was not wondered to distinguish her anger and pityful sight over the lethargic attitude and irresponsibility of the high ranked people towards the citizens in Rajasthan. If that happened to a kindergarten girl then what are the mishaps that grown-up girls and women have to expect while living there? When I mention this incident it does not seem to be a big deal because presently people are moulded in such a way that every incident is a fallen leaf in autumn. I am wondering whether these conditions have changed or is it the same situation atleast after thirteen years in Rajasthan? Living in such a scenario where countries spend huge amount of money in securing their nations, do you think that protecting the local people should given the top most priority?

Planned obsolescence

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         One of the greatest threats that world faces is the waste disposal. The risk of this crisis can be from different causes such as plastic, glass, food, e-waste, construction & demolition waste, etc. Besides all these factors that add to this problem, one major facet is the remaining outfits. Since planned obsolescence constitutes the idea of disposal, most of us are familiar with this term. In simple words it is the dumping of materials after use. The most interesting part in this case is that the designers or the constructors are already planned to make things in such a way that in the future those materials could be thrown into trash. This can be applied in the field of fashion. After a fashion show or a shooting of a film, where are those newly designed modern trendy dress going. Of course, these mentioned stuffs are dumped into junks only. Can we suggest solutions such as recycling, use of incinerators, paper products or anything like that for the problem regarding waste of clothes? I think the process of recycling may work or other than that we may reduce our fashion shows and highly designed costumes in films. The later mentioned solutions have less chance in working out because that trend seems to be hiking only. Therefore, in the future, I think we have to find out other ways to reduce dress waste in the same way we are coming up with solutions for other waste disposal presently.

lets go for a Fashionshow

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    The influence of fashion trend in Bollywood extends not only to the shops but in the ‘fashion shows’ and ‘fashion parades’ also.  Fahion shows and parades are most common activities in today’s world. Regardless the level of school or college, the trend of these shows is hiking. Just have a glance on these photos.

          Do you think that these fashion shows disclose trendy dresses only to have a better life? Or to have some kind of fun and fancy? I do not think so because it actually gives a way to business, a huge income coming business. These mentioned clothes, new trends, and modern fashionable outfits are products of different fashion business. In one way or other it is true that film industry is sort of advertising for the fashion industry. So, can we say that these businesses are leading a ‘closed loop production’?

Media influence

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        “Oh, my God! How striking it is to see ‘Deepika’ {Bollywood actress} in that dress? Almost all the time, after each film, we, teenagers make comments like this. I think you get what I am going to tell. Yeah, it’s about the media influence in our daily life, specifically in clothing.

Vivek oberoi {fashion gallery}

     While staying in India, I never think of what other countries’ people think about my country or their concepts and stereotypes about Indians. But when I came to know my friends from six different countries, I was really astonished to hear that one of the main reasons they are familiar with India is the bollywood. Thus, not only in India that the bollywood influence people but also in far corners of the world itself. Even in mollywood, after every hit film there will be dresses produced by its name then think of the hurry in shops in Mumbai and all after the release of a new film.

                                                                                        to be continued…

look @ “centre”

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       It is natural for you to be skeptical over my last few posts since I’m describing and showing the traditional dress and real outfit. It’s just to make you prepared to go with me. Now if I’m telling you the Tamil Nadu traditional dress, suddenly your mind may go through the photos and the description. Now I would like to go a little deep into it; why do people change the mode of their clothing? Is it because the saying goes like “changes are the laws of nature”? It may be so but only to some extent. Actually why did the early Homo sapiens try animal skin and bark? The answer is simple, just to substitute the nudity. But according to the changes of nature, are we still using dress for that purpose? Not exactly! Have a look on this…


          It looks as if the model has to wear that dress which seems “it is purposefully folded upwards.” Other than the fact that mostly people want to be the centre of attraction, just think about the above picture, what is the goal in raising that ‘skirt’.

However it is,

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      The scene which I’ve seen before five years has totally changed when I saw Tamil Nadu last year. Even though people have changed their outfit style in certain areas, I would say that especially in cities and major towns, there are still places where the trend of cultural dress is existing. For instance, I could say that when I saw my one and only Tamil Nadu friend, she was wearing one of her traditional dress ‘half saree’. But after being with her I found that she has only few dress of that type. However, I like their traditional dress of Tamil Nadu with ‘davani’ and ‘saree’.

Last March !

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      For my higher studies, what I’m doing now, I had to leave my native state and come to Bangladesh. Last March 2008, about 17 of Indian girls and myself stayed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for a day to get the flight. Since one of my relative’s hometown was there, they invited us {my family}to spend time with them. Thus, in the evening we had rounded the “Marina Beach”. I was really surprised to see girls and boys wearing highly fashionable dress in my point of view and most of the dress were jeans and short top. I hope that because Chennai is a fastly growing city in Tamil Nadu, they gradually persue the changes in fashion too.

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